Wednesday, June 9, 2010

{What to Wear} Baby Boy

People often ask me what they should wear to a photoshoot. So I decided to do a series of blog posts to show what kind of outfits, I think, look good in portraits.

Here's an example for a Baby Boy:

Zipped Pocket Pants, Striped Onesie, & Suede Boots: Target
Cap: Baby Gap

For babies, you need to be somewhat simple with their clothing. They're tiny little people, and if you add a big bulky jacket or bulky jeans, the babies can get lost in the clothing.

Also, a baby boy can just wear his birthday suit. I at least like a diaper for modesty. You can add a little crocheted beanie and diaper cover for extra cuteness. There's tons of cute ones for sale on Etsy.

When dressing for you, or your children, think about Layers, Color, Texture, Pattern and/or Accessories. Wear some layers, use fun colors, have fabrics with texture in them, don't be afraid to wear a fun pattern, and accessorize. All of these things add visual interest in the picture.

Stay tuned for more posts on "What to Wear".

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