Wednesday, June 15, 2011

4 More Cute Kids {Utah Child Photographer}

After I took pictures of THESE kids, I waited for their cousins to show up to take pictures for them too.
They are my first cousins once removed...I always think that sounds a little wordy.
They all were so well behaved, and did what I asked them to...such sweet kids! Candy always helps with that too though. :O)

These two are twins! Oh boy...double the trouble...but so freakin' cute!

I took some pictures of the kids running down the orchard, and attempted to put together a "GIF" but for some reason it's looking a little grainy. Oh well, I tried. It looks kinda cool anyway...

This picture was actually a mistake...uh...I mean...I meant to do that.
I was taking a few test shots, and happened to capture this. I like happy mistakes!

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